Scaloni's unexpected words that worry Messi after the Copa America draw

The unexpected words of the Argentine National Team coach

By Hector Garcia

The unexpected words of the Argentine National Team coach
The unexpected words of the Argentine National Team coach
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In the last FIFA International Break, one of the big news was precisely the continuity or not of the Argentine coach, Lionel Scaloni. His future in the team does not depend on the results, because he continues to be at an important level and is positioned as one of the greats of the moment. However, he assured that he has “a lot to think about” and in the Copa America draw, it seems that he has not changed.


Lionel Scaloni has not yet confirmed his continuity with the Argentina National Team. The starter was present during the 2024 Copa América Draw, however, he once again questioned whether he will remain in charge of the team. Just as he did during the Albiceleste's last game, Scaloni assured that he must think about his future, but did not give any further indication if it will be with the South American team or somewhere else. It should be noted that his name has already been heard to join Real Madrid.

“I need to think a lot about what I'm going to do. It's not goodbye or anything else, but I need to think because the bar is very high and it's difficult to continue and it's difficult to continue winning," the coach had commented after the Qualifiers match against Brazil. Now, the Argentine coach once again stated that he needs to think about whether he will continue to lead the team for the next Qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup and for next year's Copa América.


What else did the coach say?

“I said after the game with Brazil that it is a personal moment to think and I am still in that moment of thinking. I think it is important after everything that has been achieved, after the year we have lived through, to think a little about what is coming and then see what we do,” commented Lionel Scaloni during the Copa América Draw ceremony.

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