Scaloni's most recent message about leaving Argentina that paralyzes everyone

What Scaloni says that surprises everyone

By Hector Garcia

What Scaloni says that surprises everyone
What Scaloni says that surprises everyone
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The continuity of Lionel Scaloni in Argentina is a topic that for many should not be debatable, however, the Argentine coach himself considers it that way. Apparently, there are certain disagreements on the part of the coach that mean that he is not sure of his continuity in the Albiceleste team after the Copa America 2024 and all after an important moment.


The coach of the Argentine National Team Lionel Scaloni referred to his future in the world champion team and maintained that, in every process, “there are moments to stop the ball.” The technical director of the “Albiceleste” world champion in Qatar 2022 was present at the match between Atlético de Madrid and Lazio at the Civitas Metropolitano and spoke about the unknown regarding his continuity in the Argentine National Team: “In all processes there are moments to stop the ball, think, set goals, think about what is coming and if we are capable as a coaching staff of continuing to prove what we achieved, which is the objective. "That's where we are, nothing has changed since that day."

In addition, the former Lazio player was present at the “Colchonero” stadium to closely follow three of his managers: “We will be talking to the boys who play for the national team, with Rodrigo (De Paul), Ángel (Correa) and Nahuel (Molina)... Always attentive to them, which is what interests me.


What Scaloni had said previously

In the preview of the 2024 Copa América draw that will be held in the United States, the native of Pujato had maintained that “if the position is so important and has so much significance, things need to be done well, with a person 100 percent focused.” , that you know well what is coming. Important things are coming, very demanding. It's a time to think. Because? Because there is time for the next match of the National Team. Above all, on a personal level.”

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