Real Madrid was going to compare him, but his career could end due to a scandal

The midfielder was interested in the White House several times. 

By Wilian Estrella

The midfielder was interested in the White House several times. 
The midfielder was interested in the White House several times. 
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There are many players who were strongly interested in Real Madrid at one time, but who ultimately did not get to wear the white jersey for different reasons. One of them is Paul Pogba, the Frenchman who is currently 30 years old and whose pass belongs to Juventus. On several occasions, the club led by Florentino Pérez was interested in the former Manchester United midfielder to form a dream midfield in the White House. Pogba was even compared many times to none other than Zinedine Zidane for his way of playing, which aroused greater interest in all fans.

However, the good moment of the world champion in Russia 2018 seems to be behind him, and he has long been immersed in a scandal that could end his career. It happens that, in mid-September, it had been reported that Pogba had tested positive for testosterone in a test carried out in the match corresponding to August 20, when Juventus faced Udinese in Serie A. It should be noted that in this match Pogba did not play even a minute.

Due to the commotion generated by the news, the footballer decided to take a retest and the results came back positive. Given the critical situation, Pogba, who has had several personal scandals in his career, is now exposed to a harsh sanction by the anti-doping disciplinary committee. The maximum would be 4 years if the increase in testosterone was voluntary, while the penalty would be 2 years if it was involuntary. Depending on this, the footballer and his current club will know how to proceed later.

Paul Pogba's possible scenarios

Once the sanction to the footballer is revealed, two scenarios are handled from that moment: on the one hand, there was talk of the possibility of Juventus terminating Paul Pogba's contract while, on the other, there was talk of an early retirement. of a footballer. It is currently the highest salary of the entire Italian staff. Only time will tell what happens, but Madrid has been saved from a great controversy.

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