Not because of Neymar nor Mbappe, this is the real reason Messi is deadlier this season

The playmaker is playing from deep and peaking at the right time.

By Fredi Roman

The playmaker is playing from deep and peaking at the right time.
The playmaker is playing from deep and peaking at the right time.
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Lionel Messi has already scored more goals for PSG this season than he did in his entire debut campaign. Although 11 goals and 15 goals in 34 games last year do not represent a failure, we have come to expect more from the player whom many regard as the greatest of all time. Some may have thought he was past his best, but Messi is human and was merely adjusting.

His first season in the French capital was disrupted by injuries, Covid and new surroundings. He also had to adjust from La Liga to Ligue 1. Supporting Kylian Mbappe and Neymar also required Messi to play deeper, which has allowed him to contribute to 25 goals this season. With goal participation has come increased confidence, and the look of the Messi of old.

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He does not look as sullen and disinterested as he did last season, even though his shyness is well-documented. Celebrations with teammates occur often now, which is a sure sign of enjoyment. It is not farfetched to suggest that the Argentine is enjoying life in France, which increases the probability of a third or fourth year in Paris.

This year is clearly definitive for Messi, since he has declared the World Cup in Qatar as his last. It could also be the last season he plays with Mbappe and Neymar, both of whom could help him win his last Champions League. It is difficult to imagine where he would find better teammates were he to move on.

Ballon d'Or #8?

With his last Champions League medal seven years behind him, and a World Cup approaching, this could be the season of Messi's life. Should he succeed in both tournaments, an eighth Ballon d'Or would end any argument about his status as the greatest player of all time. By peaking at the right time, he is giving himself the best chance.

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