In Barcelona he earned 6 million euros, the salary of Luis Suarez at Inter Miami with Messi

The salary of one of the best forwards in the world.

The salary of one of the best forwards in the world.

Luis Suárez will play for Inter Miami with Lionel Messi. The Uruguayan striker, who had been surveyed in the previous transfer market, was made official as the new reinforcement of the Herons after several days of uncertainty and will meet with Messi in the MLS so that both fulfill their wish to spend their last days as united professional players.

Luis Suarez: “There is the best player in the world and that generates a very nice expectation for you. After having shared many years with them, having achieved many things together, we know each other. And, well, I think that I come from the same path that they came from, wanting to help and having that hope and desire that Inter fans have to be able to win one more title.”

Now, one of the unknowns after the officialization of his incorporation has to do with the salary that Luis will have in the United States. Although it has already been ruled out that he earns an amount similar to the 54 million dollars per year that Messi receives, there was uncertainty about the amount of Suárez's salary taking into account that he occupied the franchise player position left vacant by Josef Martínez, which means that His salary will not have to be subject to the limit imposed by the MLS.

According to the newspaper As, Suarez would earn around 1.7 million dollars plus guaranteed compensation that includes economic benefits and bonuses for goals, so the figure would rise to 10 million annually. Thus, his salary would be similar to that of Busquets, who occupies the third and final franchise player position along with Suárez himself and Messi.

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