He shone with Messi in Miami months ago, now he's experiencing the worst moment of his career

Lionel Messi is just happy that Suarez finally joined.

Lionel Messi is just happy that Suarez finally joined.

Lionel Messi will enjoy 2024 more than ever with Inter Miami. On the one hand, the man from Rosario will play the next campaign from the beginning and not with the course started, as happened when he signed in mid-July. In addition, the best player in the world will have the chance to do preseason to be optimal physically. In the end, in his first weapons with the Herons, Leo was stuck as a member of the squad that failed to qualify for the MLS Playoffs, but reality indicates that, when the '10' landed, the pink franchise was sunk in the bottom of the Eastern Conference.

Now, another reason that will make this campaign different for the better will be the presence of Luis Suárez. Suárez was the best friend that football gave to Messi after having shared in Barcelona and now they will meet in the United States after what had been the frustrated attempt to sign him in the previous window.

The Uruguayan attacker arrives after having been awarded the award for best Brasileirao player with Gremio, which is excellent news for the fans and for all the members of Inter Miami, all except one: Leonardo Campana. The Ecuadorian attacker with a past in Europe had been excited about being the team's main attacking reference after the departure of Josef Martínez, but the arrival of Suárez will relegate him to the substitute bench and he will have to decide if he accepts that role or if he changes his scene. 

The Ecuadorian will not only have to accept his secondary role in the attack, but Inter Miami also presented the Uruguayan with the number '9', the number that Campana used and will now have to change. According to what was learned, Leonardo chose the '8' to wear on his shirt in 2024.

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