Goodbye Real Madrid, for this action Vinicius Jr could be fired from the team

Real Madrid is worried about Vinicius Jr's vacation 

Real Madrid is worried about Vinicius Jr's vacation 
Real Madrid is worried about Vinicius Jr's vacation 

Vinicius Jr is on vacation after finishing the season with Real Madrid and his friendly matches with the Brazilian National Team. The striker changed his look at this time and surprised everyone with his new image that became famous on social networks.


In this time off he participated in a friendly match between former players and celebrities, where he played with great figures like Ronaldinho, Roberto Carlos and Rafa Márquez. Vinicius Jr is a great soccer star and already participates in big events.

Now the press in Spain has revealed that Vinicius Jr could participate in an event that could cause him problems with the coach Carlo Ancelotti and the managers of Real Madrid because it is a boxing tournament.

The streamer Ibai Llanos stated that a great figure from Real Madrid could participate in the "Evening of the Year 3" event. This is a boxing tournament where celebrities and youtubers participate. The fans have said that Vinicius would be the great guest.

And it is that this rumor has grown because Vinicius had dinner a few days ago with Ibai Llanos, so fans speculate that the Brazilian could participate in this boxing event.


Real Madrid is concerned about this situation

Contract football players may not fight in boxing events. If Vinicius does this action he could be fired or receive a harsh financial penalty. Coach Carlo Ancelotti hopes that his player will continue to rest.

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