After winning 7-0 against Gibraltar, the new nickname given to Mbappe in France

The new nickname given to Mbappe in France that surprises many

By Hector Garcia

The new nickname given to Mbappe in France that surprises many
The new nickname given to Mbappe in France that surprises many
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Kylian Mbappe and France confirm that they are having a great moment. The team that is already qualified for EURO 2024 comfortably beats Gibraltar. The French team is significantly positioned as one of the great candidates in this competition. Mbappe hopes to establish himself in an important way as one of the footballers who have won a EURO in France and these types of performances are essential.


In the first half, France already beats Gibraltar 7-0 with a great performance by Mbappe, Griezmann and other footballers. Mbappe scored from the penalty spot, and was also key with some assists. In fact, Kylian Mbappe now ties Antoine Griezmann as the third highest goal scorer in the French national team history. Now, on social networks, many are beginning to recognize him as he is. “Captain Mbappe.”

ANOTHER GOAL THIS SEASON FOR CAPTAIN MBAPPÉ ©️��— Ligue 1 English (@Ligue1_ENG) November 18, 2023 


"Here the coach adapts to the opponent and gives me total freedom on the left lane, which means I am a different player. This allows me to expand my football palette. I can still improve. Luis Enrique gives me more structure. I adapt to everyone those bosses and the two great coaches that I have, I am interested in listening to them," Kylian Mbappe said about Didier Deschamps before this match.


Will Mbappe play in the Olympic Games?

"It's my employer who decides. It will be a pleasure to play in them, but if my employer doesn't want to, I will support his decision. I don't think it will take much time to think about it. If it's yes, it's yes, if it's no, it's no "I want to play and I think people want it too," Mbappe said at a press conference about the possibility of playing in the Olympic Games. On the other hand, he spoke about Messi's victory in the Ballon d'Or. "I am not someone who is afraid to speak. Messi deserves it. The night of the World Cup final I already knew that he had won the Ballon d'Or." .

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