Rodolfo Pizarro

Rodolfo Pizarro leaves Inter Miami and returns to Chivas?

The Mexican has a problem in his contract with the Florida franchise
jueves, 8 de abril de 2021 · 14:55

Rodolfo Pizarro's passage through Liga MX was extremely positive. The midfielder was essential for each cast he passed through to add titles to their showcases and become a better team. Despite some criticism, the Aztec knows the quality of the Tamaulipas-born. That's why every time rumors arise about his departure from Inter Miami, some teams listen carefully...

Rodolfo Pizarro.

On this occasion, the United States reported that the MLS team could let the one that emerged in Pachuca leave because it has an overcrowding of franchise players. The other alternative is to modify his contract so that he no longer has this label.

According to what the journalist Fernando Cevallos reported, Chivas will try to sign him if the two parties involved do not reach an agreement. It should be noted that under the command of Matías Almeyda Pizarro he dazzled in El Rebaño.

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