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Messi had to apologize for the behavior of his bodyguard with a police officer

By Alejandro Lopez Vega

Messi had to apologize for the behavior of his bodyguard with a police officer

The Argentine forward is a star and everyone wants to be close to him.

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Since his arrival at Inter Miami, Lionel Messi has become a star adored by everyone in America. Although soccer is not one of the most popular sports in the country, fans sell out every stadium where he plays a match. In fact, the ratings for Major League Soccer games have increased considerably since he has been there.

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So it's only natural that everyone wants to be around him. In his first games with The Herons in 2023, Miami's DRV PNK Stadium was filled with celebrities, actors and actresses, musicians and top athletes who came to enjoy Leo's magic. And he did not disappoint, as he showed excellent performances and led the team to the Leagues Cup title just a month after making his debut.

However, his fame also has downsides. Everywhere he goes, whether with Inter Miami or with his family, hundreds of people want to approach him for an autograph, take a picture with him or just say hello. That is why David Beckham's side decided to hire a bodyguard to be with him at all times and avoid uncomfortable situations for the Argentine forward.

Since then, Yassine Cheuko seems to be his shadow. Everywhere Leo goes, the bodyguard is behind him. And now a video has been released showing him doing his job, although one detail is completely unexpected: this time he protects Lionel from a policeman. The images show Messi walking next to Luis Suarez, when a policeman approaches him, takes his cell phone and tries to take a selfie with the Argentine star. But as he is doing so, Cheuko approaches him from behind and pushes him away, causing the surprise of everyone there. Then the forward turns to the officer and apparently apologizes to him.

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They will also go to Asia

Next week Lionel Messi will travel with his teammates to Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong and Japan. There Inter Miami will play several friendly matches and then they will return to America, where they will face Newell's Old Boys in the end of the preseason. Finally, on February 21, The Herons will debut in the 2024 Major League Soccer season against Real Salt Lake.