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The curse that worries Chicharito Hernández in Los Angeles Galaxy

Chicharito Hernández in Los Angeles Galaxy

By Fredi Roman

Chicharito Hernández in Los Angeles Galaxy
Chicharito Hernández in Los Angeles Galaxy
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The classic of ‘El Traffic’ between the Los Angeles Galaxy and Los Angeles FC warms up to live the 2021 edition and in the special coverage that Bolavip has, a ‘curse’ about Javier Chicharito Hernández’s team came to light. The Mexican worries... Not even the most optimistic thought that Chicharito Hernández had such a good start. In the first two games, the Mexican forward scored five touchdowns and came within a goal of equaling the best goal in MLS in the first three games of a season.

On the third date came a 3-0 win by the Seattle Sounders and the Galaxy's two-game winning streak was halted. It wasn't the worst…. Every time the Los Angeles team started by winning the first two games they did not win the MLS title and this, of course, makes Chicharito uneasy.

In 1996 the Los Angeles Galaxy started with two victories in the same number of games and despite finishing in first position in the Western Conference, they lost the final of the MLS Cup. The 2000 season had a similar history with the difference that they reached the semifinals. of the Playoffs.

The next season in which the Los Angeles Galaxy won the first two dates was in 2010 and they finished in first place in the Western Conference, but lost in the conference final. History repeats itself in MLS 2021… Will Chicharito Hernández be able to break with this ‘curse’?

Chicharito Hernández vs Carlos Vela: Who sells more jersey?

According to 2020 data, the best-selling jerseys in the entire MLS were those of Carlos Vela and Chicharito Hernández. Now, who sells more? By a logical question of time in the United States, the Los Angeles FC player was the soccer player who sold the most jerseys taking the baton left by Zlatan Ibrahimovic, surpassing all other players.

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The news of Chicharito and Cracklitos are very different. On the part of the Galaxy forward, it must be remembered that he lives the best moment of him in many years and has already added five goals in three games played. On his side, Vela could only play a handful of minutes due to injury.


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