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The MLS player who has a big problem for misuse of social networks

By Jose Castro

The MLS player who has a big problem for misuse of social networks

This player is in big trouble for a bad comment

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If there is a problem today for any player, it is that of not managing their social networks well. Many soccer players hire specialized people to manage their accounts and not make mistakes that cause serious problems in their careers.

Now the Seattle Sounders player, Xavier Arreaga, is in a pretty strong controversy for posting a story on Instagram. Now the fans are against this defender because of his attitude against the LGBT community.

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The soccer player born in Ecuador published a photograph of the rapper @ realredimi2 where he accuses television of manipulating the sexuality of minors. In the image you can see how the television throws rainbows directly at the heads of minors. Meanwhile, the parents find themselves gagged at the end.

Arreaga deleted his Instagram story

This image caused a lot of outrage in social media users. Arreaga had to publish a new story in which he apologized, he also gave an explanation of how he had reached his Instagram account.

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