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Sebastian Giovinco's strong statements on Insigne and Belloti's arrival in MLS

The statements made by the former Toronto FC Italian player sparked controversy over the arrival of his compatriots in Major League Soccer.

The former Toronto FC player said that "MLS is not real soccer".
The former Toronto FC player said that "MLS is not real soccer".

Sebastian Giovinco made strong statements about the arrival of his compatriots, Lorenzo Insigne and Andrea Belotti to Toronto FC of the MLS

The Italian player ignited controversy when just a few days ago he made strong statements that sounded like a criticism about the transfer of the players to the Toronto club.

However, it would take only two days for Giovinco to retract what he said, giving his approval to the arrival of Insigne and Belotti to U.S. soccer. 

What did Giovinco have to say about Insigne and Belotti's arrival in MLS?

A few days ago the former Toronto FC player said that "MLS is not real soccer" and that both Lorenzo Insigne and Andrea Belotti will be deleted from the Italian national team for playing in U.S. soccer

In an interview with the media, the player who currently does not have a team, was blunt with his answer when asked about the departure of his compatriots to U.S. soccer

"It seems strange for a Napoli captain who is fighting for the league. At the professional level, you're going to fall off the radar. I lost the national team and visibility. In 2015 I was promised seas and mountains that then weren't there," Giovinco said. 

The player was up to that point criticizing only the fact that the stay of his compatriots in soccer is not that of the major European leagues, however, he dropped a bombshell about Major League Soccer

"When I went there were big names. Nowadays, either because of the virus or for other reasons, the number has dropped. Maybe it will all change again with Lorenzo's purchase, although MLS is not real soccer. Real soccer is different," said the former player

His statements ran like fire in a dry forest, especially because he was less appreciative of the soccer he played for part of his life. 

Probably because of the controversy of his statements, the player sought an interview to be able to give a new version of his statement

Giovinco and his support to his compatriots in MLS

In his new statement, Giovinco backed his compatriots in MLS and mentioned that he was referring in his previous statement to his personal experience in Major League Soccer. 

And about how his stay in the league affected his participation in the Italian National Team. 

In the interview, the player elaborated on what he wanted to say about the arrival of the Italians to American soccer. 

After facing criticism that his statements were taken as warnings to his teammates, the Italian striker said that he was only talking about his personal experience. 

"First I have to say that they (Insigne and Belotti) are very good players. Of course for the league and Toronto FC, it's going to be amazing to have them, I was asked my opinion before and I gave my personal opinion," he explained. 

The player went on to explain that as Insigne and Belotti have been fundamental to the Italian national team, they will not disappear from it. 

"I can say that it is no warning to them. I spoke about my experience and what happened to me. 

"When I came to Toronto I left the Italy National Team, that's the reality, but maybe for them, it will be different because they won the Euro and they are important for Mancini and maybe they won't lose their place in the National Team, so possibly for them nothing will change," he finished. 

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