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MLS: the 5 highest paid soccer players in the United States

With international figures and top players, this are the five stars who earn the biggest amount of money on the MLS 2021.  

The best paid players from the MLS for the 2021 campaing.
The best paid players from the MLS for the 2021 campaing.

MLS 2021 is getting ready to start, after a season in which Columbus Crew SC gained the MLS Cup defeating 3-0 Seattle Sounders FC on the final game. The contenders to the title are very variated and the United States league will count another year with some top talented players and international figures.

The possibility of them playing in the local league is thanks to the appearance of the Designates Player figure, which permits to a franchise to pay more money than to the other players of their squad. While the average salary of a player is $350,000 per season on the MLS, these stars may gain nearly $10 million per year.

The list of the five best paid players on the MLS 2021 starts with the Mexican striker Carlos Vela on the fifth position gaining $6.30 million. Playing for Los Angeles FC, he arrived to the league on 2018 and has the record for scoring the biggest number of goals in a single season (34). Fourth in the list we find Jozy Altidore, the U.S. aged 31 from Toronto FC, gaining $6.33 million that arrived to the league on 2015.

The third one is Michael Bradley, also from Toronto FC, gaining $6.5 million. The top two of the list are the Mexican striker from LA Galaxy Javier Chicharito Hernández with $7.2 million and the international attacker from Argentina Gonzalo Higuaín, to whom Inter Miami pays $8.8 million being the best-paid player on the MLS.

Gonzalo Higuaín (Inter Miami), the best paid player from the MLS.

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