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It was revealed where Julian Araujo spent his first salary and caused the great admiration of Javier Hernandez

The young LA Galaxy player explained what he does with his money and what he spent his first salary on and caused the amazement of everyone in Los Angeles, including Chicharito Hernandez

The first salary of a footballer can be very important as many players come from low-income families. Julian Araujo, the young Mexican who dreamed of being a professional player, achieved it and that is why he did not forget his roots. Araujo's great action surprised everyone at the LA Galaxy and caused a great admiration from his compatriot Javier Hernandez.

Julian Araujo as a boy always dreamed of being able to give his parents a better quality of life and thanks to his contract with LA Galaxy he succeeded. The defender or forward of the LA Galaxy did not forget everything they did for him and with his first salary he helped his family so that they have to stop working for so long.

In addition to helping his family, a humble family who work as farmers, Julian Araujo with his salary feeds many Mexican families who work as farmers in California. The LA Galaxy player prepares breakfast for them so that every time they come to work they have something to eat. This gesture moved the entire LA Galaxy, including Chicharito Hernandez, and for that reason it received a special mention at the end of the year.

Javier Hernandez has in his power the responsibility of guiding this young player with a great future. Julian Araujo has the possibility of playing for the Mexican national team or for the USMNT and that is why Javier Hernandez could be the perfect link for him to decide for Mexico. Araujo not only shows that he is a great player but that he is a great person.

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