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How much does each Chicharito Hernández goal cost the Los Angeles Galaxy?

The Mexican forward started the season on a scoring streak  

By Mauricio Saenz

The Mexican forward started the season on a scoring streak
The Mexican forward started the season on a scoring streak  
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The 2021 season of the Los Angeles Galaxy looks much better compared to the previous year and a large part is due to the good scoring rhythm with which the star forward, Javier Chicharito Hernández, started, who after the first three days accumulates 5 goals in the tournament; however, after the terrible previous season, the balance is still negative on the performance balance.

n 15 games under the Galaxy outfit, Chicharito has scored seven goals. He has played 1,015 minutes in total, so the average indicates that he scores a goal every 150 minutes in Major League Soccer (MLS). To gradually eradicate the doubts that still exist around his signing, he will have to maintain the scoring rhythm of this new season, especially when compared to the spectacular pace of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who averaged a goal every 93 minutes with the Los Angeles team.

Even compared to the scoring average of Carlos Vela, who is not even a center forward like Chicharito, but who still registers a goal every 110 minutes, only that he has to add another 25 goal assists. A demarcation in which Hernández is still empty. Beyond sports performance, another issue that revolves around the Chivas de Guadalajara youth squad is and will be the high price of his record with Los Angeles Galaxy, because although the figures have never been made official, Forbes magazine reports and Also from Sports Illustrated point out that in salary terms, Hernández receives USD 6,000,000 a year.

If only the salary he receives were counted to determine how much each entry costs the Galaxy, until the month of March, “Chicharito” would be billing each goal at USD 1,142,857, the highest price of any player in the MLS that has arrived since 2020 or earlier; However, there are still two very serious variables to consider: the price of his transfer and what he generates in sales.

To begin with, in January 2020, the Los Angeles Galaxy disbursed about USD 9,000,000 to Sevilla to become the Mexican striker, a price that he had in the market according to the Seville team and that could be added to the USD 8,000,000 that the Americans have paid him. Hernández in salary after 16 months of work.

With the sum of USD 17 million present, the Galaxy would be paying Chicharito Hernández around USD 2,428,571 for each goal scored with the Galaxy uniform, an operation that could be classified as ruinous if the protagonist were someone else, but since it is the top scorer in the history of the Mexican national team, the operation includes other variables.

The first of these and perhaps the most important for the North American business model is the influence in the Latin and Mexican market that the protagonists have, and there Javier Hernández is a key element for the expansion of the Galaxy brand in Mexico and the United States.

Chicharito Hernández's earnings for LA Galaxy

In 2020 and despite the bad season of the team and Chicharito, the shirt with the 14 on the back and Chicharito in the name was positioned as the second most sold in the entire league through the MLS page, only behind Carlos Vela at Los Angeles FC. Although the exact figures were not released, it is estimated that Javier Hernández generated USD 800,000 in shirts during his first year, according to information from Diario AS, still below the million thatZlatan Ibrahimovic would have generated during 2018 in his first season, with the Galaxy.

With the aim of improving athletic performance, the economic gains promise to be on the rise, but there is also the goal of regaining ground in the Latin market by competing against Los Angeles FC, the new franchise in the city that was successful in all senses with the incorporation of Carlos Vela, who is always in the Top-3 of sold jerseys and who has already led his team to win the Supporter's Shield trophy and to a Concacaf Champions League final.

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