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He thought that playing in the MLS was going to be easy but it became a big failure

By Jose Castro

He thought that playing in the MLS was going to be easy but it became a big failure

This player came as a star to the MLS and failed

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The MLS has hired great Mexican players throughout its history. In this time, soccer players such as Jorge Campos, Carlos Hermosillo, Luis Hernández, Hugo Sánchez, among others, have come to play.

Most of the Mexican soccer players have been able to adapt to the MLS and have had good results. The fans enjoy its quality and the players are happy to live and play in the United States.

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Although there was a case of a great player who could never adapt to MLS and who suffered throughout his stay in the League. This footballer was Rafael Márquez, who was a Barcelona figure and played with great players like Lionel Messi and Ronaldinho.

Rafael Márquez was hired in 2010 by the New York Red Bulls, his arrival was quite an event in the MLS, although the player regretted having made that decision.

The failure of Rafael Marquez

"When I left Barcelona, I got frustrated in New York because I was used to a standard and a requirement, a high level of training and intense games. At that moment I regretted going to the United States."

Rafael Márquez played two years in the MLS but this was one of the most bitter episodes of his life.

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