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After arriving in the United States, the taxes that Luis Suárez must pay

By Wilian Estrella

After arriving in the United States, the taxes that Luis Suárez must pay

In the last days of the year, the news that had been considered for several months was confirmed.

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The departure of Luis Suárez from Gremio, where he won the affection of the people by dint of a good number of goals, was tied to the personal desire to arrive at Inter Miami. After the stellar arrival of Lionel Messi and the company of other international figures such as Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba, the North American franchise wanted to continue making waves in terms of signings with the hiring of the Pistolero, to reach the top positions in the MLS.

This is how the intention to reunite the South American attackers, who maintain a solid friendship off the field, ended up materializing. In any case, behind every successful operation there are different bureaucratic events in each country that, in this case, Luis Suárez must attend to in the United States.

There are two major contributions that any citizen who stays to live in the North American country must make, especially if it is someone like the Uruguayan: capital gains tax is the tax that every resident has on any income they receive, you know in matter of salary or other forms such as advertising, sponsor and others. It even includes the remuneration that future investments that he may make may offer.

On the other side is what is called global income, which ends up being more comprehensive, since it falls on the income that the Uruguayan idol made throughout his life, regardless of the country where he was when he produced it. To this we must add the bond that the inheritance tax has, since all of his assets are considered from the moment they are acquired. The latter is particularly high.

They replaced it quickly

Although they only enjoyed it for one season, the fans of Gremio de Porto Alegre do not stop regretting the departure of Luis Suárez after he has left a mark and titles on the club. Many doubts were created in relation to who would be his replacement up front starting in 2024, a mystery that is close to being revealed. According to local media, Rogelio Funes Mori would have everything agreed to be part of the new Tricolor season. The Argentine nationalized Mexican left Monterrey after a long period that allowed him to become the club's top scorer and have the possibility of returning to South America after emerging from River.


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