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Three players are threatening to leave Mexico National Team if Javier Hernández doesn’t return

Hernández is the Mexican striker with the best active scoring streak.

He helped LA Galaxy win El Tráfico against LAFC.
He helped LA Galaxy win El Tráfico against LAFC.

Now that the pressure of recent months for Mexico National Team is off after the World Cup bound, Gerardo “Tata” Martino will have the following seven months to solve the issues that El Tri suffered during the CONCACAF Qualifiers.

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The good thing for the Aztec squad is that the results were favorable for them almost throughout the whole Qualifiers, except for the games against Canda MNT and USMT, as they lost on the visit to Edmonton and Cincinnati, and in Estadio Azteca they only managed to tie.

What worries the most is their performances, as Martino didn’t find a way to make them associate, especially from midfield up. For whatever reason, when Andrés Guardado and Héctor Herrera are wearing El Tri colors, they don't play with the same intensity as they do when they play for their respective clubs.

If that wasn’t enough, El Tri hasn’t found the forcefulness that should have in a confederation like CONCACAF, something that Canada and US Soccer did, as the three strikers that Martino’s called only scored six goals goals in 14 games, which is why people can’t explain why he refuses to call Javier “Chicharito” Hernández.

The players that want Hernández in El Tri

It took a season for Javier Hernández to adapt to MLS, as during his first season for LA Galaxy, he played 11 games, where he scored just one goal. But for his second season, “Chicharito” remembered his old self and became the only player for the Galaxy to score double digits.

In the 2021 MLS Season, Hernández scored 17 goals in the 21 games he played, and even if they didn’t make it to the playoffs, the long break didn’t affect “Chicharito”, as he’s started the 2022 MLS season scoring five goals in six games, competing to be the golden boot, as he’s currently tied first.

That’s why Alfredo Talavera, Erick Gutiérrez, and Hirving “Chucky” Lozano have been pushingfor his call-up, as they know that El Tri currently lacks a player with his capabilities -Henry Martín and Rogelio Funes Mori are far from what “Chicharito” can contribute to-, and they’ve even considering stepping down from the Aztec squad to send a clear message to Martino and the players that don’t want him.

Will “Chicharito” return to El Tri?

The last time that Hernández played for El Tri was in 2019, and it’s yet to be seen if Martino call his again, as it seems that his blacklisting has to do with reasons out of sports, because there’s no logic explanation for the absence of the striker with the best active scoring streak.

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