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The reason why Carlos Acevedo won’t be the starter goalkeeper for Mexico National Team

Guillermo Ochoa is threatening to arrive at the 2026 World Cup.

Acevedo will have to watch the games from the bench.
Acevedo will have to watch the games from the bench.

Now that Mexico National Team knows the rivals that they will face in the group stage of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Gerardo “Tata” Martino will have seven months to find a way to improve the performances of El Tri.

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The Aztec squad has to not only find a striker that’s going through a goaling streak that can help them overcome the scoring drought they’ve had in the past year, but also a way to make the midfield work, as there hasn’t been any connection between the defenders and the attack.

As if that wasn’t enough, there’s still uncertainty around the roster that Gerardo Martino will call, as several of the usual players that he’s used to call haven’t been of any help when they’ve been needed, like Jesús Gallardo or Héctor Moreno.

For now, the only player that has ensured not only his presence in Mexico’s roster, but also in Martino’s starting XI is Guillermo Ochoa, who will play his fifth World Cup, third one as the starting goalkeeper, and is threatening to keep Carlos Acevedo sidelined until he decides to retire.

Why is Ochoa threatening Acevedo?

Carlos Acevedo has become one of the most outstanding goalkeepers in Liga MX, as his name is on the conversation alongside Camilo Vargas and Antony Silva as the best goalkeepers in Mexican soccer in recent years.

But that hasn’t been enough for Gerardo Martino to consider him to be the startergoalkeeper of the Mexican national team, as he has a list of four players above him, starting with Guillermo Ochoa, who has improved his performances since Acevedo joined El Tri camp.

And as if that wasn’t enough, Ochoa has suggested that he wants to arrive at the 2026 FIFA World Cup as he would become the first player to be part of six different World Cups, but by doing it he’ll be taking away the opportunity to a better goalkeeper, like Acevedo.

How does he plan on arriving to the 2026 World Cup?

According to Jorge Campos, Ochoa prioritizes taking care of his body and his health in a way that few players do it, and he even uses a hyperbaric chamber to improve the oxygenation if the bloodstream, something that helps the muscular development, and his sporting capacity grows.

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