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The millionaire losses that the Mexican National Team has had in recent days

By Hector Garcia

“El Tr”i is not going through a good time

“El Tr”i is not going through a good time

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Yon de Luisa is a defender of Gerardo Martino's work in the Mexican National Team. This process has had bad results in recent years, results that have truly upset the fans.

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This player thinks about resigning from the Mexican National Team due to his poor results

Gerardo Martino has been training the Mexican National Team for more than three years and he has not been able to give the expected results, now during the World Cup in Qatar he hopes to give his best performance.

The Mexican Soccer Federation lost three million dollars for not having qualify for the 2024 Paris Olympics. A millionaire amount that must be cover for not having  for not having met the objective.

This is what Gerardo Martino earns for training the Mexican National Team

Gerardo Martino earns 2.5 million dollars a year to train the Mexican National Team. Money that has been lost due to poor results in the Tri.

Hugo Sánchez is upset with the managers for the large amount of money they lose by paying Gerardo Martino's salary.

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