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The $76 million that will make Hirving “Chucky” Lozano arrive at FC Barcelona

Lozano will leave Napoli over the summer.

His market value is set at $40 million.
His market value is set at $40 million.

It’s no lie to say that Hirving “Chucky” Lozano is one of the best Mexican players in Europe, as he was able to consolidate in some of the best leagues in the world. Something that not every player has been able to do, like José Juan Macías, who returned to Mexico after only six months.

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Lozano is one of the most talented players that Mexico National Team has, which also explains why he’s often injured when he plays with El Tri, especially in the games against CONCACAF rivals, who don’t know how to stop him.

The injuries he’s had in the last year, added to the change of coach that Napoli went through for the 2021-22 season have made him lost the protagonist role he had on the last months of Genaro Gattuso’s stint in the Azzurri’s bench.

Now with Luciano Spalletti, “Chucky” hasn’t had the chance to consistently be part of the starting XI of the Azzurri and added to the economic problems Napoli is going through, they have decided to sell him once the season is over.

Barcelona, on of the top contenders for him

Lozano has gathered interest since he arrived at Europe, and in recent weeks he’s been linked to Premier League and La Liga teams, including Real Madrid, Atlético Madrid and FC Barcelona, who faced Napoli in the UEFA Europa League playoffs.

In Barcelona know that the addition of Lozano would mean an increase in their sales, as the Blaugranas have a big fanbase in Mexico who could spend up to $76 million per year just by buying Lozano’s jersey if he were to arrive at Camp Nou.

Just from the economic side, the arrival of Lozano would be more than profitable, as with the sales of his jersey they will have enough to pay his transfer fee, which is around $40 million, and there would still be a surplus.

Will he arrive at Barcelona?

Xavi Hernández has praised Hirving Lozano in the past, as his speed and talent are qualities that he looks in a player, but his arrival at Barcelona will only happen if the Blaugranas part ways with Ousmane Dembélé, who has yet to decide his future.

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