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Raúl Jiménez’s successor already plays in Europe but Gerardo Martino refuses to call up him

Jiménez has scored three goals with El Tri in the last year.

Martino is still looking for a striker that can score.
Martino is still looking for a striker that can score.

The Mexican national team is less than seven months away from debuting in the 2022 FIFA World Cup, when they will face Poland National Team in what will be the most important game of the group stage for El Tri, as a victory will almost ensure their presence in the knockout stage.

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But Gerardo “Tata” Martino knows that El Tri needs to improve the performances that they had during the CONCACAF Qualifiers, as if they maintain the same level, they won’t stand a chance against Robert Lewandowski and his scoring streak.

Although the defense is the only part of the roster that Martino has already solved, placing a 4-line with Gerardo Arteaga as left-back, Johan Vásquez and César Montes as center backs, and Jorge Sánchez as right-back, he knows that there´s still other parts of the lineup that need improvement.

Especially on the offense, as Raúl Jiménez, who was the top scorer for the Aztec squad in the qualifying stage, only scored three goals, which is why Martino needs to expand the leagues he’s been looking for players to improve the roster.

He keeps ignoring Europeans on smaller leagues

One of the things that Gerardo Martino has ignored is the young players that already are playing in Europe, although not in the biggest and most watched leagues, something that could be in detriment of the Aztec squad in the future.

One of the players that has stood out in the current season is Teun Wilke, who plays in Serie B side SPAL 2013, where he’s an essential player for the U-23 squad, where he played last weekend and was a protagonist, as he scored one goal and assisted two times for the victory over Napoli.

Although Teun Sebastián Ángel Wilke Braams was born in a Dutch household, he can play for the Mexican national team given that he was born in Querétaro, although the lack of opportunities that he’s received from Martino could make him decide to play for a different team.

He’s considering not playing for Mexico

The 20-year-old forward has said in the past that he wants to play for El Tri, although according to Jóvenes Futbolistas MX he can also play for the Netherlands, team that he can accept to play for if Martino doesn’t give him a chance soon.

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