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Hirving Lozano and the luxuries that Wolves will give him to convince him to join Raúl Jiménez

Napoli is looking to sell him over the summer.

Lozano has said that he’ll only leave Napoli for a bigger club.
Lozano has said that he’ll only leave Napoli for a bigger club.

Hirving Lozanomight be on the move once the current season is over, as he hasn’t found the regularity that he hoped he had when he first joined Napoli, and Luciano Spalletti doesn’t seem to trust him enough to give him a starting role.

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The new agent that will help Hirving Lozano arrive to one of Europe’s biggest clubs

Lozano hasn’t had an easy stint with the Azzurri, as he was first arrived at Napoli in 2019 when Carlo Ancelotti personally requested his addition. During the first months he had regularity, but once the Azzurri decided to part ways with “Carletto”, Lozano lost his role.

It took him a while to get involved in the coaching system that established Gennaro Gattuso, who replaced Ancelotti in Napoli’s dugout, and once he earned a place in the starting XI, Napoli decided to part ways withhim.

Now with Luciano Spalletti, “Chucky” hasn’t found a way to showing him why he should be considered to play in every single game, as he’s been a starter in just 17 games of the current season. As it that wasn’t enough, they are looking to sell him once the season is over.

Wolves are his best option

Although Lozano has said in the past that he doesn’t want to leave Napoli unless it is for a bigger club, the truth is that if he wants to gain regularity prior the 2022 FIFA World Cup, moving to a mid-table team would be his best choice.

Premier League side Wolverhampton Wanderers are interested in acquiring him, and even if they’re not a team that contends for the title in England, sports-wise they can offer him more playing time than the one he’s getting in Napoli.

But Wolves know that in order to convince him to join them for the 2022-23 season, they have to offer him the commodities that will make him leave Napoli, where his family has already settled down. That’s why, on top of a higher salary than the one he earns with the Azzurri, they’re offering two more things.

What are Wolves offering Lozano?

The first thing is a residency close to Raúl Jiménez’s house, which is valued in $4 million. The second one, will be a similar car than the one Jiménez received when he first joined the Molineux team; back then, it was a Land Rover of the year. According to reports, all the expenses will be paid by Wolves.

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