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Gerardo Martino gave in and will call the most requested Mexican player

He’ll be part of El Tri for the game against Guatemala.

Martino is still looking for a striker that can score consistently.
Martino is still looking for a striker that can score consistently.

Now that Mexico National Team knows the rivals that they will face in the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Gerardo “Tata” Martino has seven more months to solve the problems that El Tri showed during the CONCACAF Qualifiers.

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Although there’s always something to improve, the defense is the strongest side of the Aztec squad, as El Tri finished the Qualifiers with five straight clean sheets, being the only team in the world that achieved something similar.

Martino already found the ideal lineup, with Guillermo Ochoa on the goal now that he finally remembered how to be a wall; Gerardo Arteaga as left-back, Johan Vásquez and César Montes as center backs, and Jorge Sánchez as right-back, although he could be replaced by Julián Araujo.

The problems for Martino start from the midfield up, as there hasn’t been a good connection on the midfield and the offense has been lacking a striker that can score consistently, which is why he gave in and decided to call one of the most requested players.

Who is the player that Martino called?

According to several reports from Mexican and English outlets, Martino gave Marcelo Floreshis second call-up to El Tri, and even if the game of April 27 won’t be played in a FIFA match window, Arsenal already agreed to loan Flores, as it will help him on his growth as a player.

Flores has yet to debut in a Premier League game, but Mikel Arteta has called him recently to be part of the first team, although he has watched the games from the bench, but his call-ups are a sign that his debut is around the corner.

This will be his second call up with El Tri, as he debuted on a friendly match back in December, where he played 10 minutes against Chile on the 2-2 draw. Reports suggest that depending on his performance, Flores will receive a third call for the friendly games of May and June.

Will he be in Qatar 2022?

Prior his debut in December, Martino hadn’t considered Flores to be part of the squad, but with the outbreak season he’s having with Arsenal U-23 and his debut getting closer, Flores might end up sneaking as one of the last players on El Tri’s roster.

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