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Benjamin Galdames received death threats for playing with the Mexican national soccer team

The Unión Española player showed on social networks the hate messages he received against him and his family. 

The message begins with rudeness towards the player and his brothers, wishing them death.
The message begins with rudeness towards the player and his brothers, wishing them death.

The passion overflowed and unfortunately, a pseudo soccer fan decided to carry out a reprehensible act, and made death threats to the soccer player Bejnamin Galdames for playing in the Mexican soccer team.

The unpleasant message reached the Instagram account of the Union Española player, who proceeded to denounce this hateful message on social networks. 

The message is worrying because in addition to threatening Galdames, it also made threats against the player's family. 

What did the death threats against Benjamin Galdames say?

The message begins with rudeness towards the player and his brothers, wishing them death. Later, it goes on to say that the death of Galdames and his brothers would be a triumph for Chile. 

It ends by saying that this would be for Chile "more than winning a World Cup". The player decided to denounce this terrible message on social networks only writing on Twitter: "And well...".  

What could have caused this death threat to the soccer player?

Most likely the message was originated by Galdames' decision to play with the Mexican national soccer team for the friendly match played against the Chilean national soccer team.

It should be remembered that Benjamin Ignacio Galdames Millan, who is only 20 years old, was born in Mexico City, so he is of Mexican nationality, but he also has Chilean nationality on his father's side.

His father is none other than Pablo Galdames, who in Mexico played for Cruz Azul as a midfielder and who lives in the heart of the fans of La Máquina, because he was part of the eleven that faced Boca Juniors in the Final of the Copa Libertadores.

With this possibility, the coach of the Mexican national team, Gerardo Martino, called Galdames to play with El Tri in the friendly match against Chile. 

Shortly after the call-up and before his participation with Mexico was confirmed, the player uploaded to his social networks a story where he was happy traveling to Mexico City to be part of El Tri. 

His participation with Martino's team was later confirmed, although in the end he did not play in the match, but he did support the Mexican team from the bench

What did Chile's coach say about Benjamin Galdames' decision?

Uruguayan coach Martin Lasarte gave his point of view about the decision of the Union Espanola striker to play for Mexico instead of Chile. 

The "Machete" said about this decision: "The only thing I can tell you. I don't remember the number, but we gave a wide list because I knew we would have problems with players who could have finals in Mexico, the United States, Brazil and even Chile. Benjamin was on that list". 

Lasarte concluded: "I was not in charge of talking with him or with the person who represents him, I do not know exactly with whom we spoke. What we were informed is that the possibility that he could participate for Chile was real. Then there was a personal decision, he decided what he decided and that was the end of it, there is not much more to say".

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