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This player is ready to leave Chivas even if they become Liga MX champions

El Rebaño will face Atlas in quarterfinals.

Chivas has won their last five games.
Chivas has won their last five games.

Since El Rebaño Sagrado decided to part ways with Marcelo Michel Leaño, they have become one of the teams in Liga MX with the best streaks, something that helped them play Repechaje at home and earn a ticket to Liguilla.

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Amaury Vergara decided to give Ricardo Cadena the opportunity of becoming the interim coach for the remainder of Clausura2022, an opportunity that the Mexican coach hasn’t wasted, as he now has five straight victories and holds the record for best streak for an interim coach in El Rebaño.

Cadena has found a way to make the team play under the same idea throughout the entire game, something that the former Chivas coach couldn’t do, as he relied more in the individualities that could save a draw or a victory.

But thanks to the offensive style that Cadena has implemented, they now have a real possibility ofbecoming protagonists in Liguilla, although for that to happen they will first have to beat Atlas, the last Liga MX champion.

Not every player wants to remain in Chivas

But not even the possibility of winning a Liga MX title has impacted positively all the players on the current roster, as there’s at least one of them who already made up his mind and will leave Chivas even if they become champions.

According to reports from Peloteros PQ, Raúl Gudiño is ready to test the free agency once Clausura 2022 is over, as his contract expires in June and he has refused to sign a contract extension, something that even costed him his starting role.

Gudiño arrived at Chivas in 2018 out of Portuguese side Porto FC after El Rebaño paid $1.1 million for his economic rights. Now, he’ll leave Chivas without the chance of recovering their investment, as he already has offers from at least two teams.

Who are the teams interested in Gudiño?

Since the departure of Alfredo Talavera to Pumas, CD Toluca has been lacking the solidity that Talavera gave them on the goal, which is why they are trying to add Gudiño for Apertura 2022. But if they want to acquire him, they will also have to beat Pumas’s offer, as Andrés Lillini requested his addition to remain as Pumas coach.

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