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Ricardo Cadena won’t stay at Chivas; they are after a coach that hasn’t won a final

Chivas were eliminated in quarterfinals.

By Jose Castro

Chivas were eliminated in quarterfinals.
Chivas were eliminated in quarterfinals.
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The season for Chivas had a bittersweet ending, as they were able to overcome the irregular results that had during most of the season and thanks to Ricardo Cadena, they managed to make it into Repechaje and then Liguilla, a stage further than what they have reached in recent seasons.

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But falling against one of their biggest rivals, Atlas FC, in a new edition of the Clásico Tapatío wasn’t what El Rebaño Sagrado was expecting, especially as they arrived with five straight victories, something that Marcelo Michel Leaño could never do, as he wasn’t able to have back-to-back victories during his stint.

The elimination against the Rojiblancos was in part thanks to the good planning of Diego Cocca, who is just four games away from winning a second Liga MX title in the same number of seasons, but mainly because Cadena never found a way of establishing their own conditions on the pitch.

The Mexican coach showed his inexperience in Liga MX, as the substitutions he made didn’t result and he wasn’t able of adjusting the strategy mid-game, which is why Chivas are looking for a new coach for Apertura 2022, although their top option hasn’t even won a title.


Who is the coach that Chivas are after?

One of the main opposers to having Ricardo Cadena as Chivas’s coach for the next season is Ricardo Peláez, as he believes El Rebaño need a different coach, even if Cadena showed that he can be in charge of a team like Chivas, as he only needs time to get the ropes of Liga MX.

But Peláez is already looking for a replacement, as according to reports from sports journalist Jesús Hernández, one of the top prospects for Peláez is Pumas’s coach Andrés Lillini, whose contract is coming to an end and hasn’t renewed yet with Los Universitarios.

The plan that Pelaéz is looking to establish with Lillini on the dugout is a restructure of El Rebaño, especially in the academy teams, as the Argentine coach is known for boosting the academy players, although he has showed that he can also manage a team with a limited roster, something that attracts Chivas’s sporting director, as El Rebaño currently doesn’t have a vast roster.


Lillini hasn’t won a title

The season that Andrés Lillini took over Pumas just a few days before the season started after Michel González resigned, Los Universitarios made it to the final, although they lost against Club León by a 3-1 aggregate. They also lost the final of CONCACAF Champions League against Seattle Sounders.

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