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Pumas vs Toluca: Brazilians shone and smashed Ambriz's team

Pumas have fun with Toluca at C.U.  

By Hector Garcia

Pumas have fun with Toluca at C.U.

Pumas have fun with Toluca at C.U.  
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Andrés Lillini's Pumas had time for everything against Toluca: a youth player made his debut, missed at least five chances in front of goal, scored five goals (including a bicycle) to beat the Red Devils at the C.U. Olympic Stadium.

Soccer is the dynamic of the unexpected, and the Pumas lineup, which was without its most important players, Nico Freire and Juan Dinenno, was enough to disappoint more than one Pumas fan, against the Escarlatas team that had reinforced in the winter and boasted Ignacio Ambriz as its new coach. 

The unthinkable happened. Toluca, beaten by Covid-19 days earlier, only watched how Pumas passed the ball from one side to the other to close the first half with a 1-0 lead and turn off the lights at the Olimpico at the end of the second half with a spectacular 5-0 win.

Rogerio and Diogo were outstanding for Pumas

A magical night in C.U. because the Brazilians, who were so criticized for their lack of exposure upon their arrival in Mexico, scored the first goals, even with a bicycle kick, Rogério scored two goals and Diogo scored one more.

In the second half, with the match over and all the Pumas players embraced, Lillini called out to Jorge Ruvalcaba to take off his substitute's jersey and enter the field to score the 4-0 goal.

The 20-year-old youngster touched his first ball in the First Division and with 47 seconds on the field scored a goal.

Everything had already happened, but the fifth goal was missing, then Meritao appeared to score the 5-0, to the annoyance of Ignacio Ambriz who returned defeated from Europe and Andrés Lillini who continues to do so much with so little that he is given at Pumas.

The 'universitarios' were thrilled with their debut, in which they scored five goals, and gave their debut to a youth player, without Dinenno and Freire. The unexpected.

Andrés Lillini’s said they don’t need reinforcements for the Clausura 2022

Andrés Lillini, coach of Pumas, ruled out that his team needs reinforcements for the Clausura 2022 and commented that he has the players he needs in the youth academy. The only thing he asked the board of directors was: "to keep as much of the squad as possible for the tournament".

"Criticism always exists, we are not a team that sells from the point of view of affection, but from the point of view of criticism. There is a team that must have results, keep its feet on the ground. I am happy, the only thing I asked the board of directors is to keep as many members of the team as possible", confessed Andrés Lillini.


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