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Liga MX Final 2021: how much money does the winner get?

The prize for winning the top Mexican soccer tournament is not only the trophy and the satisfaction of being the best. 

The trophy, medals, money and possible bonuses are not the only things that the Mexican soccer champion takes home. 
The trophy, medals, money and possible bonuses are not the only things that the Mexican soccer champion takes home. 

The Clausura 2021 has come to an end and before the Liga MX Final 2021, one question remains: how much money does the winner get? Here is the answer.

In addition to the trophy and a medal, the clubs and players gain more than just that, since they also benefit greatly in economic and business terms. 

How much money will the champions of the final Atlas Vs Leon receive?

After being crowned champions of Mexican soccer, the winning team also receives an economic stimulus of 4,100,000 Mexican pesos, according to information from The equivalent of almost 200,000 dollars.

But this is only the money that comes from the league, as the clubs also obtain more income from other sources. 

Although there is no exact record of the amount received by the winners of Liga MX, what is known is how much the winners of Copa MX receive. 

The champions of this tournament, parallel to the Apertura 2021, receive an amount of 2,100,000 pesos, the equivalent of 97,761.59 dollars. 

Therefore, if the Copa MX has that amount as a prize, the amount for the Liga MX winner should be approximately double, due to the seniority of the Liga over the Copa. 

But that's not all the money champions can get

It is well known that in Mexican soccer there is not much transparency when it comes to the money that brands pay to teams. 

Especially when it comes to bonuses. These are a kind of incentives that the sponsoring brand can give when the team achieves an important goal.

These goals can be: to advance to the Liguilla, to win a classic, or, as in this case, to win the Apertura 2021 tournament. 

Although there is no concrete data about the exact amount of these bonuses, there is an example that was recently made known in Mexican soccer. 

This occurred when Guillermo Alvarez, former president of the Cruz Azul team, promised to give US$100,000 to the 24 players on the squad for winning the title in the last tournament.  

Money is not the only prize for Liga MX champion

The trophy, medals, money, and possible bonuses are not the only things that the Mexican soccer champion takes home. 

It should be remembered that since its 2002-2003 edition, whoever wins Liga MX automatically qualifies for the Campeón de Campeones, a competition in which the Apertura champion faces the Clausura champion to decide the best in Aztec soccer. 

And how much money does the Campeon de Campeones get?

This event is played in a single match between the best teams of the Apertura and Clausura tournaments, and the winner of this competition also wins a financial prize. 

The amount for the winner is up to 1,700,000 Mexican pesos, the equivalent of 81,409.83 dollars. 

And the teams also gain from the increase in ticket prices

According to El Economista, Mexican soccer clubs also benefit from the increase in ticket prices in the Liguilla. 

The Liguilla, the Mexican soccer playoffs, is a reason to increase ticket prices to the public since only the best teams play in the post-season. 

The aforementioned media mentions the example of Querétaro, a team that increased ticket prices by more than 87 percent in the 2013 tournament. Therefore, the more a team earns in sports, the more money its club can earn.

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