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Liga MX 2022 transfers: Alexis Vega still not renewing with Chivas

The bronze medal winner with the Mexican National Team is a strong possibility to join Monterrey for the Clausura 2022.

It would not be strange that Alexis Vega would prefer to leave Guadalajara.
It would not be strange that Alexis Vega would prefer to leave Guadalajara.

2021 has been a complicated year for Chivas and the next one looks more difficult, as, in Liga MX 2022 transfers, Alexis Vega has not renewed his contract with the Guadalajara Club

And this represents a complication for the team since, if the situation of the player, who represents one of the most valuable assets of the team, continues like this, he could leave for free in the summer market

And this would bring complications to Chivas since it is known that the club has serious economic problems, especially because last season they had Oribe Peralta on their roster.

The player cost them dearly, but his poor performance was key to the team's failure to go further in the tournament and, as a consequence, they did not receive the economic retribution they expected. 

The other complication for Club Deportivo Guadalajara is that Alexis Vega is one of their most important elements on the field, and knowing this, Rayados de Monterrey wants him for their club

And it would not be unusual for Vega to say yes to the call of the Nuevo León team because at this moment he has a better sporting project than that of Chivas. 

In addition, Monterrey will soon be playing in the 2022 FIFA Club World Cup, a tournament that will be played in the United Arab Emirates between February 3 and 12, 2022.

With a forum like that and the exposure he would have, it would not be strange that Alexis Vega would prefer to leave Guadalajara before the start of the next Liga MX tournament. 

And it appears that Guadalajara's fears of losing the player could become a reality this week, as AS Mexico reported that, according to sources close to the squad, La Pandilla's directors were back in the market for the player last week

Another reason why many Mexican media outlets are speculating that Vega's arrival at Monterrey is more than certain is the fact that Los Rayados have not signed any reinforcements yet

The team started their preseason in Cancun last week and so far they have not announced any reinforcements, which suggests that the Chivas player is their only interest in the winter transfer window

As the situation stands, if Chivas sells him to Monterrey before the start of the tournament, they could have the budget to bring in reinforcement, but he would have to perform well, unlike Oribe Peralta. 

But if he is not sold now, in the summer transfer market the player could leave the club for free as a free agent, which would be a big problem for the team's finances. 

Daniel Alvarado is Chivas' only reinforcement so far

For the moment, "Piojo" is the only reinforcement announced by Chivas for the Clausura 2022 Tournament.

The arrival of the player was announced through Chivas' Twitter account and the reactions of the club's followers were varied. 

While many fans were grateful for Alvarado's arrival, many others continue to demand more signings from their team as they do not see their team being able to compete for the title this year. 

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