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Liga MX 2022 rumors: Yeferson Soteldo's salary will be the highest if he arrives at Tigres?

The Venezuelan is the third highest-paid player at Toronto FC and the felines should probably match his salary. 

It is already known how much Soteldo would have to earn if he joins Tigres.
It is already known how much Soteldo would have to earn if he joins Tigres.

Although it has not been confirmed by the Felinos, in the next few hours Yeferson Soteldo will likely be announced as their new player, but one question remains in the air: his salary will be the highest in the entire Tigres team?

Although his arrival is not yet official and the Nuevo Leon club must compete with Club America to obtain the player, speculation is already beginning in the Mexican media as to what the player's salary would be if he were to join the Mexican team. 

And according to the information that has been learned about the player, it is likely that Tigres should strive to offer him a sum that is similar to what the player currently earns at Toronto FC

What is Yeferson Soteldo's current salary with Toronto FC?

According to information from Soy Futbol, the Venezuelan winger earns 1.6 million dollars a year

This amount probably scares several Liga MX teams, however, for Tigres, it is a reasonable amount because several of their players are equally expensive for the team

However, this cost is offset by the effectiveness of these players, who have turned Tigres into a real machine that has won the MX League on different occasions.

Who are Tigres' highest-paid players?

Until the last tournament, two Tigres players occupied first and second place as the highest-paid players in the entire Liga MX

According to figures from May 2021, the highest-paid player in Tigres and the entire Mexican League was André Pierre-Gignac, who was paid 4.6 million dollars

Being an important player at Marseille, it was logical for the Frenchman to occupy the top spot on Tigres' payroll. 

However, in every match, Gignac shows that no matter what price he asks for his talent, he always responds in important moments

In addition, the player has been a goal-scoring champion with his team and has become a benchmark for his club, recognized at the continental level. 

The second player in terms of income would be Florian Thauvin, the Felinos' right-winger who can also play as a playmaker.

This player has a salary of $4.5 million and unlike Gignac, he has yet to prove he is worth as much as he costs

In the last Apertura 2021 tournament, the player only managed to score 2 goals and has not been relevant for his club to be champion. 

Soteldo's departure, a strategy for Insigne's arrival

And it is easily understood that Toronto FC is looking to release Yeferson Soteldo as the arrival of Lorenzo Insigne means a sacrifice for the club. 

While they are a team that enjoys good finances, the more than $12 million they will have to pay Insigne per season has made them take all kinds of precautions

And among them is the possible arrival of Yeferson Soteldo at Tigres. 

So Soteldo's salary does not scare Tigres, which means that the monetary aspect will not be a problem for his contract if they manage to sign him. 

Or will Club America get their way and manage to sign the player sooner

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