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Liga MX 2022: Club America fans thank Atlas president for taking Emanuel Aguilera off their hands

The collective thanks were trending on Twitter and Americanistas lynched the central defender on social media.

Social networks in Mexico were filled with America fans celebrating the player's departure to another club. 
Social networks in Mexico were filled with America fans celebrating the player's departure to another club. 

The changes in Liga MX 2022 do not stop and today, Club America fans thanked the president of Atlas for taking Emanuel Aguilera off their hands in a collective celebration on social networks. 

After today's announcement of the departure of the Argentine central defender, social networks in Mexico were filled with America fans celebrating the player's departure to another club. 

The celebration became a trend in social networks and the surname of the Atlas president also went viral as the protagonist of this strange celebration.

Some fans of the Coapa club even suggested making a statue of Alejandro Irarragorri, for having taken a player who, in their eyes, was never important for the team. 

It is a fact that the fans of the Aguilas always make their opinion felt in all the changes of the team, both in those they like and those they dislike. 

But on this occasion, their opinions went viral not only for thanking the Atlas president but also for having lynched Emanuel Aguilera on social networks.  

What did Club America fans say to the Atlas president?

The strange euphoria with which the Americanistas celebrated the departure of the central defender was full of praise, humor, and even authentic sports analysis of the occasions in which Alejandro Irarragorri has bought players from them who "contributed nothing to the club". 

Among the messages of thanks were some like these:

- "I love him more than many who are part of Club América. Don "Tigre" Irarragorri". 

- "My God take care of Irarragorri, please, yes, please. Now just send Furch". 

- "I believe Irarragorri is an Americanista but for his professionalism and respect for his company he has to hide his fanaticism. I see deeds, not words." 

- "#Irarragorri as president of the #ClubAmerica. @ClubAmerica_EN"

- "Irarragorri the best sporting director of Club America".

- "Thank you Irarragorri for taking away the garbage". 

- "What big favors Alejandro Irarragorri has done for us, the last few years:

Priority to sign Diego Valdes.

He takes Leo Suárez

He takes Ema Aguilera

Other favors he has done for us:

Taking Renato Ibarra

To take Ibargüen

Selling us Santos players". 

Why do America fans hate Emanuel Aguilera? 

Aguilera has not been a good defensive element for the Coapa club in recent years and his defensive mistakes have cost the team a lot. 

Still fresh in the memory of Club America fans is a blunder by the player in the match against Cruz Azul on October 31, 2021. 

In that match, the Celestes and Aguilas were tied 1-1. The match was already in its final minutes and the referee had added three more minutes.  

The Águilas took the ball away from La Maquina, but a defensive error gave Orbelín Pineda the chance to go one-on-one against Ochoa, who deflected the shot.

However, Emanuel Aguilera unintentionally tackled Pineda in a sweep in an attempt to avoid the shot, which resulted in a penalty kick in favor of the Celestes, which was correctly converted by Rodríguez.

For these and other errors, the Aguilas fans were calling for the player's head, an action that was consummated today. 

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