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Guillermo Ochoa’s decision about his future with Club América now that Ricardo Ferretti will be their next coach

Ochoa hasn’t started negotiating his renewal.

His contract expires at the end of the year.
His contract expires at the end of the year.

Club América have left the crisis behind now that they’ve won three straight games and are fighting to earn a spot for Repechaje, something that they’ll manage to do if they win two more games of the five that are left in the regular season.

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The good performances have to do with the fact that Fernando “Tano” Ortíz has found a way to exploit the abilities of the players, instead to be bound to the same scheme every game, as well to the improvement that the defense has had, as they’ve received just two goals in the last five games.

Guillermo Ochoa also has elevated his performances, as he now has four straight clean sheets for the first time in the season, as he only managed to have one clean sheet when Santiago Solari was coaching Las Águilas.

During last weekend’s game, Ochoa reached a new milestone with Club América, as he played his 400th game wearing Las Águilas colors, although that number could stop rising if he doesn’t renew with the Azulcremas, as his contract expires at the end of the year.

Will he renew his contract?

Ochoa has always said that one of his dreams is to retire with Club América, as it was the team that watched him grow and gave him his first opportunity, but there’s other factors in play now that he must negotiate to extend his contract.

The most important one is the coach that arrives in Club América once Clausura 2022 is over. And now that everything’s pointing to Ricardo “Tuca” Ferretti, who will be a free agent after his contract with FC Juárez ends, Ochoa has decided to leave Club América.

During the short stint that “Tuca” Ferretti coached Mexico National Team, Ochoa was one of the main critics to his coaching system, as he said that he doesn’t develops a tactical system, he only makes them play scrimmages.

Where can Ochoa end up playing?

The 36-year-old goalkeeper knows he’s on the last part of his career, which is why he could look to prioritize the economical part instead of the sporting one. According to reports, he’s been approached by a few MLS teams that know of his situation and would like to add him for the 2023 MLS Season.

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