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Club America and the reinforcements it missed out on: how many transfers did the Aguilas miss out on in Liga MX 2022?

It was not just one, there were several important signings that the Coapa club could not complete, and here you can see who they were.

Santiago Solari has not been able to get the reinforcements he has requested for Liga MX 2022.
Santiago Solari has not been able to get the reinforcements he has requested for Liga MX 2022.

It hasn't been a good transfer season for Club América and the reinforcements they missed out on bear witness to this. How many signings did the Águilas miss out on for Liga MX 2022? Here is the list. 

And it is that this issue has undoubtedly been the most problematic for the Coapa club and it is the debt that their fans do not forgive them.

Every time one of these signings has fallen through, it has been an opportunity for their followers to lynch the club on social networks

In fact, the departures of some of the club's players, such as Emanuel Aguilera or Sebastián Córdova, have been more celebrated than the arrivals that have occurred in the current transfer market. 

And now, with the most recent attempt to return Paul Arriola to Mexican soccer, the Aguilas ran into a wall as they were left without that possibility because DC United decided that it was better for the player to stay in MLS, so they are going to transfer him to FC Dallas. 

But now it is time to count the transfers that Club America was unable to complete in the current transfer market. 

How many transfers have Club America missed out on for Liga MX 2022?

So far there have been 4 important players that the Azulcremas have missed out on in this transfer window. Here is the list of those 4 players who were once the Aguilas' plan A, but after a few attempts, they were not even planning C. 

Paul Arriola

The most recent example is the USMNT international and DC United winger was already with half a foot in Liga MX as the Aguilas had followed up on his incorporation to the club

Unfortunately for Club America, FC Dallas beat them to the player and as a result, Juan Otero, the Colombian forward currently playing for Santos Laguna is the Aguilas' plan B

It is expected that during the course of the week this player will arrive at Coapa and be presented as their latest reinforcement for the Clausura 2022

Uriel Antuna

What was to be the most controversial signing of the tournament also slipped through the Aguilas' fingers. The main impediment to his arrival was the economic factor, since Antuna if he had joined the Aguilas, would have had a significant drop in his salary

Because of this, and because of the Azulcrema fans' rejection of the arrival of a player from Chivas, the hated rival, the Aguilas stopped being interested in the operation.

Coapa also considered that begging a player to wear the club's jersey was unthinkable, especially someone who played for the team's eternal rivals. 

Pablo Solari

Another of the club's recent failures to obtain a South American star, and whose transfer seemed to be already closed, but the Azulcrema board did not count on an obstacle: that Colo Colo, the club where Solari plays, is going to play in the Copa Libertadores

When the Mexican club first approached the Chilean, everything was going well and it seemed that the sale of the player was a sure thing. 

But after a few days, the president of Cacique himself had to clarify that this was impossible since Pablo Solari is a fundamental player for the club and was put on non-transferable status since he will have to play the Libertadores for his current club.

Brian Ocampo

The last one on the list turned out to be one of the most bitter pills Club America had to swallow this transfer season, but not because of the player himself, but because of his representatives. 

The history of this transfer was very unfortunate for the Mexican club because despite being a free agent, his representatives wanted the Eagles to pay Nacional to keep him, even when it was no longer necessary.

The justification was that since the last tournament they had been interested in him they had been told that if he left for free they would have to pay for the training he had received.

So Club America decided to stay away from the negotiations and continue looking for talent to reinforce its forward line, something that so far has not been achieved.

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