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Club América: Pedro Aquino could leave Las Águilas for the next season

The Azulcremas already have a replacement in mind.

He missed most of the season due to an injury.
He missed most of the season due to an injury.

Pedro Aquino reappeared in the starting XI of Club América after missing most of the season due to a metatarsal fracture that suffered during a game with the Peru National Team back in January and that needed to be surgically intervened.

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The 27-year-old Peruvian midfielder had the chance of having his first appearance in Fernando “Tano” Ortíz’s lineup thanks to the suspension of Roger Martínez, who missed the last game of the regular season, and his first start since the second round of Clausura 2022.

Although he already had played in the past two games as a substitute, it was evident the lack of regularity that comes along after recovering from an injury, something that suggests that once that Roger Martínez is back, he’ll take his place again on the lineup and Aquino will return to the bench.

Even if he was one of the best players of Club América before his injury, he still needs to go a long way before retaking the level he had in January, although with the current streak that Las Águilas have and the lineup that Ortíz has found to work perfectly together, he might have to look for that regularity elsewhere.

Ortíz is looking to strengthen the position

Pedro Aquino is under contract with Las Águilas until 2024, which means that they will have to either loan him until he recovers his level, or sell him over the summer, something that Aquino is not keen to do as he said that he wants to win a title with Las Águilas before leaving.

But Fernando Ortíz knows that if he ends up leaving, they will have to add a player to replace him, as he will leave a spot to fill in the midfield, which is why Las Águilas are already trying to secure a player that can take his place.

According to reports, they have set their eye on Víctor Guzmán from CF Pachuca, who have been the most consistent team during Clausura 2022, as they finished as leaders with only three defeats on the season, in part thanks to the performances of Guzmán.

What’s his market value?

Given the good performances that the 27-year-old offensive midfielder has had during the current season, his market value has increased from $4.75 million to $8 million, sum that Las Águilas will have to pay to Los Tuzos if they want to acquire Guzmán.

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