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Carlos Vela would say yes to Chivas, but 3 players would leave after his arrival

Carlos Vela could return to Chivas, but three players would leave the Rebaño. 

Vela would leave LAFC in December.
Vela would leave LAFC in December.

It is clear that Carlos Vela does not want to renew his contract with LAFC and is beginning to analyze the offers he has in the Mexican league. One of the possibilities is for him to return to the team where he was born, that is, Chivas.

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However, it is not an easy task for Amaury Vergara, who must analyze the budget he has earmarked for the red and white team. If Carlos Vela wants to join Chivas, at least three players will have to leave the Rebaño.

The sale of Alexis Vega could be a great revolution in terms of Chivas' finances; the player is valued at 10 million dollars. Isaac Brizuela would also have to leave the red and white team, who receives a salary of over 2 million dollars, according to W Deportes Radio.

How much would Carlos Vela earn at Chivas?

The Mexican striker's salary would be 4.5 million dollars, something that seems impossible for Chivas to pay, so it would have to sell not only Vega and Brizuela but also Roberto Alvarado, who earns more than one million dollars.

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