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Ariel Holán is out of León, but two teams already looking for him

One of the teams now looking for Holán is a South American national team.

Ariel Holán ended his cycle with León, but there are already two teams looking for him.
Ariel Holán ended his cycle with León, but there are already two teams looking for him.

The board of directors could not take it any longer and Ariel Holán is now out of León, due to poor results in Liga MX 2022. But there are already two teams looking for him.

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And what is most surprising is the quality of the teams looking for him, since one of them is a South American club that belongs to the soccer royalty of their country, while the other is a national team.

But while it is being confirmed which club the coach will join, it is necessary to review why the coach decided to leave the Panzas Verdes

And it is necessary to remember that it was Ariel Holán himself who led the Esmeraldas to the final of the Apertura 2021 in which the team lost to Atlas

And everyone remembers that final because it was the one in which the Zorros were crowned after more than 70 years of not having done so. But in order to be crowned, they had to beat León. 

It is therefore very surprising that the coach decided to end his relationship with the club with which he reached the final in recent years. But the answer to this doubt lies in the numbers Holán accumulated with the Panzas Verdes in the Torneo Clausura 2022. 

The numbers for which Ariel Holán was left out of the León team

In the current Clausura 2022 Tournament, the León club recorded 5 wins, 4 draws, and 6 defeats, accumulating 17 goals against and only 12 in favor. In addition, the club was eliminated from the Concacaf Champions League

The club that eliminated them was the Seattle Sounders, who will play the final of that tournament against Pumas UNAM

But with their numbers in Liga MX the club is in 12th place in the competition, and so far can still count on the right to access the reclassification matches.

But anyway the coach decided to end the working relationship with the club and made the decision known through a statement on his social networks, which read as follows:

"In the last few hours, Professor Ariel Holan submitted his resignation from the technical direction of the team. We thank and greatly appreciate the effort, dedication, and chivalry that, at all times, he showed in our institution along with his coaching staff."

And despite the negative scenario for the Argentinean coach, in recent hours it has been reported that there are at least two teams interested in his services. 

The two teams that are interested in Ariel Holán

According to South American media, the two teams that are interested in Ariel Holán are Universidad Católica de Chile and the Chilean national soccer team.

The return of the Argentinean coach to Católica is seen with good eyes since Holan is one of the strategists who achieved the historic tetra-championship with the Crusaders, as they won the chilean National Championship in 2020.

And this merit would probably be enough for La Católica to end its relationship with its current coach, Cristian Paulucci.

And for that same achievement and for the experience he has in South American soccer, the Chilean national soccer team is considering him to replace Uruguayan Martin Lasarte, who has just left La Roja because he failed to qualify them for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar 2022.

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