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Amaury Vergara is finally considering having Ricardo Cadena as the next Chivas coach

Cadena has won five straight games and remains unbeaten.

El Rebaño Sagrado will play against Atlas in Liguilla.
El Rebaño Sagrado will play against Atlas in Liguilla.

One of the highlights of Clausura 2022 is the 180-degree change that Chivas had after they decided to part ways with Marcelo Michel Leaño and named Ricardo Cadena as interim coach, as El Rebaño Sagrado managed to finish the season sixth and now is preparing to play in quarterfinals against Atlas.

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Ricardo Cadena helped Chivas win the last four games of the regular season not only to earn a Repechaje spot, but to have the home advantage, something that was key on the 4-1 victory over Pumas in the first game of the knockout stage, as the stands of Estadio Akron were protagonists during the game.

Now, they will face a new Clásico Tapatío in quarterfinals, something that Cadena will use to boost the morale of a team that has one of the best streaks entering Liguilla, as they now have five straight victories, a streak that they want to keep improving.

During the press conference after the game, Cadena revealed that the thing that he changed once he took over the first team was to establish a more offensive system that has benefited the strengths of the players, who have integrated perfectly once he became the coach.

Vergara is considering him as the next Chivas coach

Since Amaury Vergara and Ricardo Peláez decided to part ways with Michel Leaño they haven’t stopped looking for a coach to take over the team for Apertura 2022, with Marcelo Bielsa being their top priority, as they hadn’t considered Cadena up until now.

Ricardo Cadena remains unbeaten since he was promoted to the first team, and now that he has five victories, he can be taken as a serious candidate to assume the coaching position in Chivas for next season, especially if they are able to beat Atlas in quarterfinals.

Although he is still not the top choice, Amaury Vergara knows that the good chemistry that the team currently has is thanks to him, which is why he’s considering naming him the official coach for Apertura 2022 if El Rebaño makes it to the final.

What will happen if Marcelo Bielsa arrives at Chivas?

If Ricardo Peláez manages to convince Bielsa to become Chivas’s next coach, according to reports from W Deportes, Ricardo Cadena will be named his assistant coach, as his presence on the first team will keep the good chemistry but he will also have a chance to learn from one of the best coaches, waiting for his opportunity to come.

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