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Amaury Vergara already decided who is going to be the next coach of Chivas

El Rebaño parted ways with Marcelo Michel Leaño after 13 rounds.

Ricardo Cadena was named interim coach and will finish the season.
Ricardo Cadena was named interim coach and will finish the season.

With Marcelo Michel Leaño, Chivas was one of the most irregular teams in Liga MX, as they didn’t have a solid plan to follow during the 90 minutes, which often costed them points and left them out of Repechaje spots.

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That’s why Amaury Vergara, even though he had promised Michel Leaño that he’d have at least one full season as El Rebaño’s coach before analyzing his continuity in Chivas’ dugout, decided to part ways with him after 13 rounds, after Chivas lost 3-1 CF Monterrey and Victor Manuel Vucetich.

El Rebaño Sagrado followers were asking for his dismissal since Apertura 2021 ended, as the results that Chivas had with him as interim coach weren’t good, only two victories in nine games and were eliminated in Repechaje.

When Vergara finally understood, it seemed too late, although in the three games that Ricardo Cadena has had as interim coach after he was promoted from CD Tapatío, he’s changed the face of the team and has helped them return to Repechaje spots. Now, he’s just waiting to know if he’ll return to Tapatío or not.

Vergara’s decision for the next season

After the departure of Michel Leaño, Vergara decided to give Cadena the opportunity of gain experience in Liga MX while he founded a new coach for the 2022-23 season, and multiple names were linked to El Rebaño, although no one has caught their attention.

According to reports from sports journalist Jesús Hernández, after the 3-1 victory over Pumas last weekend, Amaury Vergara has decided to keep Ricardo Cadena as their coach for at least another season, as the team is functioning better than ever.

Chivas management realized that the only way they’re going to be able to keep the momentum going is if they give Cadena the option of establishing a long-term project, especially now that they’re getting ready to play in Liguilla with real aspirations to winning a new Liga MX title.

What conditions does Vergara requested to give him the job?

The first condition was to make it to Liguilla, something that they already did. The second one, given the economic problems that El Rebaño is going, is to strengthen the squad mainly with players from the academy and reserves teams, as it wouldn’t cost them to sign them to the first team. And the last one is to keep a salary team-friendly, something that former coaches hadn’t done.

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