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Alexis Vega saves Rebaño Sagrado and scores the equalizer in Chivas vs Queretaro match of Liga MX 2022

Chivas tried but could not win the match and had to settle for a draw against Gallos Blancos.

Since arriving in 2018 from Toluca, Vega has scored 14 goals and provided 14 assists.
Since arriving in 2018 from Toluca, Vega has scored 14 goals and provided 14 assists.

In the Round 3 match of Liga MX 2022, Alexis Vega saved the Rebaño Sagrado and scored the equalizer in the Chivas vs Querétaro match in which the Guadalajara team had to settle for a 1-1 draw

The match had started badly for Chivas, who saw the first goal of the match with an early goal in the second minute of the match, which put Marcelo Michel Leaño's team on the back foot. 

Chivas is coming off a 2-1 loss against Pachuca, a match in which the Tuzos dashed their hopes of maintaining the winning streak with which the red and white team started the tournament by defeating Mazatlán FC 3-0. 

That match had filled the squad's players and supporters with hope, believing that the team was ready to compete for the title. 

But now everything seems to be a fleeting mirage, given that Chivas has not been able to win its last two matches and is now shaping up to have a regular tournament, being only Round 3 of the 2022 Mexican League.

Sequeira's goal that put Chivas on the canvas

With a shot from outside the area by Leonardo Sequeira in the second minute of the match, it seemed that another defeat was on the horizon for the red and white team. 

The goal was the result of a bad clearance by the Chivas defense, which put the ball on a silver platter for the Argentine striker, who did not miss the opportunity and hit the ball hard to beat Raúl Gudiño, goalkeeper of the Rebaño Sagrado. 

From that goal on, the match became a series of back and forth from goal to goal, with both teams trying to find the formula to dismantle the rival defense.   

But it was Chivas who attacked the rival goal the most, but Uruguayan goalkeeper Washington Aguerre became the hero of the afternoon for the Gallos Blancos, but this would not be in doubt forever.

Alexis Vega's goal that saved Chivas from defeat

But things would change for Aguerre and all of Querétaro when, at the 41st minute of the first half, Chivas scored from a free-kick masterfully taken by Alexis Vega, who put the ball into the corner of the net. 

Although Aguerre attempted to reach the ball, he fell short and the shot went into the goal without any problem, showing that Vega tried to do more for his team, but was unable to do so in the remaining minutes of the match.

Alexis Vega, Chivas' hero

The Mexico City-born striker has scored in two out of three games for Chivas, which has prevented disaster for the team from the state of Jalisco. 

In the Round 1 match against Mazatlan FC, it was Vega who scored the third goal of the match, putting the game in Rebaño Sagrado's favor. 

And although in the club's second match in Round 2 he was unable to score, he tried and always provided attacking depth to his team, which seems to have difficulties in this area. 

And today's match is the most solid proof that Alexis Vega is, at least up to this point in Liga MX, his team's benchmark.

Since arriving in 2018 from Toluca, Vega has scored 14 goals and provided 14 assists, proving that the forward is willing to shoulder the responsibility of leading the team to victory. 

But he definitely can't go it alone, so Michel Leaño will have to work with the rest of the team so that everyone can join Alexis Vega in leading the team to the championship.  

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