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Will Real Madrid sign Erling Haaland? All you have to know

Erling Haaland has an agreement with Real Madrid but it would be in 2022 that he could only disembark at the Madrid.

Erling Haaland future.
Erling Haaland future.

Borussia Dortmund are ready to let Haaland go to Real Madrid, but it won't be in 2021. Dortmund are asking for 175 million for their prized Norwegian superstar, and although Real Madrid are willing to go over the 100 million mark, all indications are that for now Real Madrid will not be bringing in any players.

Haaland is likely to be much cheaper next summer given that there is a reported clause that could see his termination clause set at 75 million. Real Madrid will try to sign Lautaro Martinez as an option if Haaland cannot be signed, but that the club put the Norwegian as their priority.

Who intends to hire Haaland?

Chelsea had been among the leading suitors for the 21-year-old this year, though Dortmund stood firm on their no-sale plan in the same summer that allowed the departure of Jadon Sancho. The striker has joined Manchester United for £73 million this year. 
The German giants are prepared for Haaland to leave for a fixed fee in 2022, regardless of what they are offered this summer, even when they can only expect to get around half of what was on offer this summer. Haaland has a clause in his contract that means he can leave next year if he receives an offer of around €75 million.

European champions Chelsea believed an offer of more than £130 million might have been enough to tempt Dortmund to sell now, but they have told all suitors they will not consider a sale. Real Madrid is the leading candidate to sign Haaland for this year, but they will surely try next year when the price comes down.  A source close to Dortmund has confirmed that the deal is not going through, there have been possibilities to sell but Dortmund always wanted and planned for him to stay.

Dortmund pocketed the funds they needed to bring in this summer when they finally sanctioned the sale of Sancho to United. The Sancho deal showed that Dortmund are willing to inevrtir as they could have made more money on the England international last summer, but kept him for another 12 months.

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