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Why is the enigmatic intruder who persecuted Lionel Messi still in prison?

In the Marseille-PSG classic at the weekend, a man invaded the field of play and was still not released. Data that misleads researchers.

Lionel Messi against Marseille
Lionel Messi against Marseille

The enigmatic intruder who entered the field of play in Sunday's classic between Marseille and Paris Saint-Germain, while Lionel Messi commanded a counterattack in favor of his team in the second half, remains in detention. The man, who ran towards the Argentine star and was captured by security agents before reaching him, confuses the investigators of the case.

The French Police have not released this person yet, since they could not identify him, but there is a fact that further disorients the authorities: the invader would not be a fan of Marseille, as was initially thought, but someone outside who would not have nothing to do with the club, which increases concern about how he managed to enter and be about to reach Leo.

According to RMC Sport, the individual has not yet been identified and remains arrested 48 hours after the classic between Olympique and PSG, who had no emotions - it was a goalless draw - and had the invasion of the pitch in the center of the scene. But why is it difficult to know who it is?

The man is undocumented and does not speak French, so, for the moment, the causes of his entry onto the Vélodrome lawn are unknown to the investigators, who indicated that the person seemed "inconsistent and difficult to explain in French" and that "he is an undocumented person who does not have a fixed address in the region".

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