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Why doesn't Mohamed Salah show his wife frequently?

The Liverpool footballer rarely appears with his family and Magi prefers to stay away from the media spotlight.

Mohamed Salah and his wife
Mohamed Salah and his wife

There are not too many photographs of her in public since she prefers to stay away from the media spotlight, her appearances are limited to celebrations of titles or other special occasions, such as the match against Barcelona that Mohamed Salah lived from the stands.

And if there are no images, too much information about it is not known. It is known that they celebrated their wedding six years ago in Egypt and that they both live in Liverpool with their daughter Makka, named after Mecca and who was born in London while the player was defending the colors of Chelsea.

And it is that both of them live their faith for Islam with devotion, as it shows that Magi Sadeq has always appeared in public accompanied by her hijab. The rules for them are one of the issues recently discussed by the Liverpool winger: "I think we should change the way we treat our women in our culture. It is something mandatory, not an option. I support women, more than before, because I feel that they deserve more than what they are given now", he commented.

Magi Sadeq and Mohamed Salah met at school when the two lived in Basioun, Egypt, and according to the Daily Star, she works as a biotechnologist. Together they have tried to help their compatriots whenever they could, also trying not to make it public that they were behind. Thus, the player and his family have built a hospital and a school in Nagrig, his hometown, and carried out a project so that all its residents could enjoy clean water.

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