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Mystery unveiled! She is the woman between Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara

Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi have separated from each other after it emerged that Icardi was cheating with a famous Argentine actress.

Maria Eugenia Suarez
Maria Eugenia Suarez

Paris Saint-Germain striker Mauro Icardi and wife Wanda Nara have separated from each other as confirmed by Wanda Nara's post on her Instagram story. Icardi and Nara have been married since 2014 and seven years later they have ended the affair after it emerged Icardi was cheating with an Argentine actress.

María Eugenia Suárez, popularly known as China Suarez, is the Argentine actress Mauro Icardi was alleged to be cheating on Nara with. Suárez recently separated from her husband Benjamin Vicuna after six years and two children together. The reason for the separation is unknown but could be linked to her secret affair with Mauro Icardi.

Suárez began her acting career as a 11 year old girl in 2003 and is one of Argentina's most popular actresses. She's 29 years old and is also a model and a dancer. She also has another daughter from a previous relationship with fellow actor Nicolas Cubre. She has won the best Argentine actress award twice.

She is on Instagram and has 5million followers and that was rumoured to be where his affair with Mauro Icardi started, but the two have now unfollowed each other possibly to protect their affair. Mauro Icardi's former wife Wanda Nara has also unfollowed her on Instagram.

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