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Jesús Manuel Corona also known as "Tecatito" Corona
Jesús Manuel Corona also known as "Tecatito" Corona

Jesús Manuel Corona Ruíz, also called Tecatito Corona, is well known for his talents as a winger and right-back player. He was born in Mexico, where he started his professional career back in 2010.

He got his nickname "Tecatito”' when he was a youngster in Mexico. The name is a reference to a beer brand called "Tecate", which is one of the main competitors of an internationally-known beer, "Corona", a  brand that matches Jesús last name. Tecatito Corona still remembers that anecdote with laughter.

Tecatito Corona in action for Porto

Tecatito’s football career

His first steps in soccer were when he was just 6 years old and he played for numerous local youth teams. Due to his talent, the Brazilian team, 'Santos', showed interest in him. 

As he was just 15, his family didn't allow him to move abroad. Happily for him, the local team 'C.F. Monterrey' signed him in 2008.

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His senior team debut came in 2010, when he was just 17, in a match against 'Atlante', and his first score came in 2011 against 'Estudiantes'. Both matches were won by 'Monterrey'. 

In 2013, Tecatito joined the Dutch club 'F.C. Twente' for a four-year contract. This was his debut in a European team. In 2014 he played with the reserve team and ended the 2014/15 season playing for the first-team with both assists and goals. He finished his second season with a career-best of 9 goals.

His career at Portuguese club 'Porto' began with a transfer in 2015 for a deal for €10.5 million. Less than one month later, Corona scored two goals on his Primeira Liga debut, and he never stopped scoring for the team.

Lately there have been rumors of his departure from Porto. However, the prolific Mexican stated that he wants to stay in the Primeira Liga, but set as a condition a contract for €6 million, which would make him the highest paid player in the squad.

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Tecatito Corona celebrating a goal for Porto


Here are some statistics of Tecatito Corona’s goals and games played along his professional career:

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