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When is Cristiano Ronaldo likely to retire?

Five times world footballer of the year Cristiano Ronaldo is 36years old and showing no signs of slowing down in his football career, see when he is likely to retire.  

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best footballers of his generation. Since his professional debut about 20years ago, he has played for the best clubs, scored goals, won trophies and individual awards, broke records and set new ones. At 36, he's still playing, but when will he play before retiring? What do the factors surrounding his career right now say?

What does his Manchester United contract say?

Cristiano Ronaldo recently returned to Manchester United for a second time at the beginning of the season. He signed a two year contract with an option of another year which means if he chooses to exercise the option of the extra one year and extend his contract, he would be 39years old by the end of his second spell at Manchester United, that sounds like a good time for him to retire.

What does his physical condition suggest?

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the fittest, if not the fittest in world football. His longevity and consistency in career can be attributed to his careful attention to his fitness routines as well as his diet. Sometimes back, it was reported that the Portuguese does 3,000 push-ups daily, doesn't take sugar nor does he take junks, all of which keeps him very fit and active. His last major injury was an ankle injury in 2010 that forced him to miss 42days of action, since then he has not had any major injury, one of the many factors that have contributed to his longevity. It was reported that in 2014, he suffered an injury, tendonitis that has no cure and will only get worse but seven years later there has been relatively no further information surrounding the claims.

Will he play with his son Cristiano Ronaldo Jr?

Cristiano Ronaldo in an interview talking about when he planned to retire said his son Cristiano Ronaldo Jr told him to keep playing till he makes his professional debut before he retires. This may not be possible because Cristiano Ronaldo Jr is 11years old and no matter how early his debut could be, it won't come earlier than 16years when Ronaldo would be 41 years, imagine Ronaldo still playing in the next five years? Maybe possible but don't think he would still be playing.

Will he play in another club or other leagues?

Ronaldo playing for Sporting Lisbon

Cristiano Ronaldo's mother wants him to play for Sporting Lisbon before he retires. If that would be possible, it would extend Ronaldo's playing days. By the end of his Manchester United's contract, he would be 39, playing an extra season at Sporting Lisbon means he will play till over 40. He has also expressed the desire to play in the Major League Soccer before he retires, at 39, not many MLS clubs would fancy having him regardless of who he is.

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