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What will Antonela Roccuzzo say? Actress said that Lionel Messi asked her out

The Argentine player "was sent to the front". 

Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi

The Spanish actress and comedian Susi Caramelo told a particular story of how it was the day she turned down a date with Lionel Messi - one night, actually - after meeting him in a very popular bowling alley in Barcelona. With great detail, Caramelo told how the meeting was at the VIP of the Catwalk disco, a place where Leo had gone with some friends. What will Antonela Roccuzzo say about these sayings? 

Susi Caramelo.

“Many years ago, I visited the Catwalk disco in Barcelona with my partner at that time. At one point, we decide to go up to the VIP of the place and it makes me want to go to the bathroom. It was at that moment that I met a boy, a girl and a kid who were talking about what they would do when they left the place”, she recalled.

“After washing my hands I go out and see that the kid was sitting alone on a sofa and I'm very nice and I talk to everyone. I asked him: What's your name Lionel? Like lionesses (known in Argentina as profiterol)? And what do you like, cream, cream or chocolate?”, said the actress.

They started a brief dialogue and the Argentine dared to propose to continue with the party at his house: “I go outside and in a moment I see this kid who looks at me and begins to make faces, to smile. It was at that moment that many people approached him and cornered him and began to ask for photos and autographs”.

"I stand in a corner and say: 'Who is this guy?' And they tell me: 'It's Leo Messi, the best soccer player in the world.' I say, 'Don't screw me! I just told him that I'm with someone else", she said with a laugh.

But Leo's insistence did not stop and when he saw her again he wanted to propose, once again, that she accompany him to her house. "I was already in the street where the car was parked and suddenly Leo Messi comes again:‘ Are you coming to my house? We're going to have a party, some friends are going. I would have left, because they don't invite you to a soccer party every day. But do you know why I said no? He was so poor that if I go to that guy's house they won't even kick me out with a red card”, the comedian laughed sincerely.

Finally Susi decided to end the anecdote with a joke after having missed the opportunity to have dated Messi. “I said no because I didn't have a peso and because if I went, how do I pay for parking when I get back? This is the story of how I rejected Leo Messi, the train missed me. And the worst thing is that two days later my partner left me. Of course, I do not miss one more. I know who he is until Tamudo (ex-Spanish soccer player) now”, she finished laughing.

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