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What Messi eats in a day? The impressive diet plan of the Barcelona's star

By Alexis Almosnino

What Messi eats in a day? The impressive diet plan of the Barcelona's star

Lionel Messi has an enviable demeanor. Of course, he is fortunate for the talent with which he was born, but without a doubt that would not be enough if he did not accompany him with the physique he has.

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Lionel Messi has repeatedly commented that his diet was deficient for a long time, which is serious for a high-performance athlete. However, in recent years he has changed his eating habits and is nourishing himself correctly. This allows him to have a better quality of life and also guarantees him maximum performance in matches, especially now that, although he maintains his youth, now that he is no longer a young man.

Hardly anyone could imagine that the best soccer player in the world had such surprising tastes. But it seems that the famous Argentine star, instead of eating the classic pasta dish before games, likes to chew grass during games.

Lionel Messi is currently living one of his best moments on a personal level. Scorer, and maximum figure of the Copa América today, he is making use of all his experience to make it clear that there is Messi for a while. As it turned out, this is due to the Mediterranean Diet, which the number 10 evidently respects.

Lionel Messi: When does he starts using the Mediterranean Diet?

Italian doctor Giuliano Poser, 60, recounted the details of the diet that reinvented the football career of Argentine Lionel Messi, the best player in the world, who suffered constant muscle pain and felt that his level decreased over the years. Messi arrived at Poser's office in Sacile, a town well in the north of Italy, after the 2014 World Cup. All kinds of athletes had passed through this place. Cyclists, skiers, swimmers or volleyball players, but never the best footballer on the planet, who was fascinated by the changes he experienced in his body.

Lionel Messi: What is the Mediterranean Diet?

Poser's method, which he himself calls "applied kinesiology", seeks to strengthen the athlete's muscles through personalized treatments of "good nutrition", a concept that Poser broadly defined.

Lionel Messi: What foods does he eat

There is a set of five fundamental foods: water, a good olive oil, whole grains and organic fresh fruits and vegetables, that is, not contaminated with pesticides, herbicides and others, because that does a lot of damage to the body. Nuts and seeds are also very good.

Lionel Messi: Why is the Mediterranean Diet call like this?

This regime was declared Intangible Heritage of Humanity and is based on a lifestyle adopted by the inhabitants of the Mediterranean basin: Italy, Greece, Spain, France, Tunisia, Lebanon and Morocco.

Lionel Messi´s Mediterranean Diet: What are the secrets of it?

- One of the main characteristics is the use of particular sources of fat, such as olive oil and nuts.

- Red meat is replaced by blue fish, such as anchovies, salmon or tuna.

- Each meal should add other whole food sources, such as breads, pasta, and rice. Carbohydrates should be rich in fiber, magnesium, and phosphorus.

- Driking water is vital. It should be consumed between 1.5 and 2 liters per day, depending on the physical activity carried out and the weather conditions.

- Dairy products should be ingested daily. The priority is for cheeses and yogurt.

- Eggs are recommended, but in moderation in their intake. It is a source of nutrients and vitamins.

- Vegetables, legumes and fruits are decisive for both lunch and dinner.

- The range of colors of these sources should be as wide as possible to multiply the nutrients, antioxidants and protective substances.


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