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They called him ‘the new Messi’, Barcelona paid $38 million to sign him and now everybody laughs at him

One of the stellar signings of the last transfer market was tipped to be the new Lionel Messi. But his season has gone nowhere near as expected.

Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi

Barcelona had a very tight offseason transfer markets on top of everything struggled a lot to keep Lionel Messi in the squad. the Argentinian had a serious conflict with the club and didn't get on well with the arrived coach Ronald Koeman. The disaster in the Champions League quarter-final clash against Bayern Munich meant a huge wound.

In the middle of the huge anger Lionel Messi threatened to leave the club and the whole city got mad. In the meantime, the club tried to secure a replacement spending $38 million to bring a rising star. The 21-year-old arrived at the club with the pressure of possibly having to become the ‘New Messi’.

Not an easy start of the season for the 21-year-old.

Despite the huge expectations created around the right winger, the Portuguese so far could not prove his alleged skills on the field. He has barely had any action usually coming from the bench in most of Barcelona's matches since his arrival. His future with the Blaugranas is starting to become a mystery.

So far Barcelona has played 19 matches in the current La Liga season. Francisco Trincão did never appear from the start and has now set a rather bizarre record. he has come off from the bench for 13 matches in a row. If he's tipped to be the new Messi, he's probably recreating the Argentinian’s first seasons in the club.

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